Vengeance in the Valley Haunted Attraction at Gaines Farm

The Halloween double-thriller that everyone is talking about - the haunted attractions on the Gaines family farm in Guilford, Vermont.

Experience a terrifying autumn night at one of New England’s oldest family farms

By day the Gaines Farm operates as many others do. But when the sun dips below the horizon in the month of October, it all changes... Vengeance in the Valley rises. The fog will roll in, wrapping every twisted root, every stalk, everything in its path with the cold clammy preface of the first layer of Hell. Then the chills will rise. The cold that precedes the dead. Then you'll know that The Valley is ready.

The bonfire will spit sweet sounds of safety and offer some warmth that will abandon you as you trek into the forest. You may opt to spend the night in the safety of the fire, enjoying apple cider, fried dough or other normalcies of a fall evening out. This may be your only route of survival. You may even find solace in the hum of the haunted hayride's tractor, or the sides of the wagon as it intends to take you through the winding twists of the demented valley, but never let down your guard, for there is no sound, no walls that can stop the demons. The final test, should you survive the journey, will be the adventure you take on your feet through the corn maze. There is no place to hide, nowhere to run in the corn. The corn maze is the Devil’s Torture Chamber, as the ill-advised may find hope in commanding their own pace, but their destiny has been written, and fate will find you as the Devil laughs at your misfortune on every turn. They have been waiting all year, wandering fields and forests of one of New England’s oldest farms, seeking peace that will never come to the undead. They want what is yours (LIFE!), and if you dare venture into their valley, they will show you how they died, and they will show you how you will die. The last lesson you will ever learn will be that of how The Valley took you, for the sun will not rise for you in the Valley of the Dead.

Two separate haunted Halloween events in one location

Tractor-pulled hay wagons are your chartered chariots as demented souls seeking revenge for what once wronged them raise havoc to all who awaken them.

The Maze cornfield walk has been hailed as "one of the most dreaded encounters" in Vermont. Every twisted turn will send you screaming into further confusion.

The Hayride. The Maze. These are not just dressed up humans looking to confuse you; they are not people you see along the paths doing their job to spook you; this is real... as real as the night is dark... awakened... shaken... angered... needing no more than to rest... be a witness to the unmistakeable fears inside you as you try to escape...



Gaines Farm is located at

6343 Coolidge Highway (US Rt. 5)
Guilford, Vermont, 05301

Lat/Lon: 42.739315 N -72.572418 W

Elevation: 406 Feet